Common Errors in English – Part 1

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06 Jan, 2016

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Common-Errors-In-English-2016There are words and phrases in the English language which pose problems in their use and applications. This volume lists some such common errors and also provides necessary explanations with regard to their proper application in varying contexts.

1) Incorrect: I want to improve my ability of English.

Correct: I want to improve my reading ability.

Incorrect: I want to improve my ability of English.


Correct: I want to improve my ability in English.

Explanation: Ability is always in a subject or language and NOT of subject or language.

2) Incorrect: There were above a hundred people in the crowd.

Correct: There were over a hundred people in the crowd.

Explanation: Never use above with numbers (unless referring to points on a scale)

3) Incorrect: This year English is above all my most important subject.

Correct: This year English is by far my most important subject.

Explanation: With a superlative form (such as most important), use by far. Example: The riot was by far the most violent I had ever witnessed.

4) Incorrect: Since I was small, I have always wanted to go to abroad.

Correct: Since I was small, I have always wanted to go abroad.

Explanation: The only preposition that is used with abroad is from such as – He came from abroad after twenty long years.

5) Incorrect: Mohan’s car was involved in a big accident.

Correct: Mohan’s car was involved in a serious accident.

Explanation: Accidents are always serious/bad/nasty/dreadful/fatal and NOT big.

6) Incorrect: Computers give us an easier access to information.

Correct: Computers give us easier access to information.

Explanation: ‘Access’ is a noun that we cannot count and hence we cannot use ‘an access’.

7) Incorrect: Could you help me look for an accommodation?

Correct: Could you help me look for accommodation?

Explanation: Accommodation is uncountable; hence we can’t use ‘an accommodation’.

8) Incorrect: Our tourism industry brings a lot of foreign exchange.

Correct: Our tourism industry brings in a lot of foreign exchange.

Explanation: ‘brings in’ = make or earn (money)

9) Incorrect: He was accused of accepting bribe money.

Correct: He was accused of accepting bribe.

Explanation: Bribe itself means money or financial gains.

10) Incorrect: The company will not accept to buy new machines.

Correct: The company will not agree to buy new machines.

Explanation: We accept someone’s opinion, suggestion or advice but we agree to something.

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